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YTO Group Corporation, founded in 1955, is an experienced agriculture machinery and construction machinery manufacturer in China. Through decades of experience and our consistent efforts, now we provide a comprehensive line of products, including wheeled tractor, crawler tractor, combine harvester, wheel loader, forklift truck, and more.
At YTO, providing high quality construction equipment and farm equipment is our goal. To do this, we have established our technology center, introduced highly automated equipment, and applied a thorough quality control system to monitor each phase of manufacturing, from raw material acquisition, through production, to the delivery to our customers. In addition, we produce our products strictly in accordance with the related environmental standards. As a result, our company has received the ISO9000 and ISO14000 certificates, and our products have been awarded the E-mark, OECD, CE, EPA, and CCC certificates as well.
If you are in need of our products, whether tractors, tractor implements, or bulldozers etc., please feel free to contact us! We look forward to working with you!
Enterprise Certifications
Other Products
    1. Wheel LoaderOur loaders are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 standard. They are equipped with high quality engine and are characterized by high cost performance .
    1. BulldozerBulldozer is the tractor which is designed with a dozer blade in the front. It uses the dozer blade to push and shovel soil and sand. This construction equipment is suitable for ...
    1. Agricultural Machinery

      In modern times, agricultural equipment such as tractor, seed drill and harvester has been used for plowing, planting and harvesting jobs which were formerly carried out by men or animals such as oxen and horses. This greatly reduces labor intensity, improves the production efficiency, increases farm output and improves the quality of farm produce.

      Recognizing the enormous potential for agricultural machinery, YTO was begun with the purpose of manufacturing wheeled tractor, crawler tractor, combine harvester and tractor implement over 50 years ago. Due to our consistent focus on product improvement, our farm equipment is reliable, durable, eco friendly, and thus is E-mark, CE and EPA certified. Please click on our specific product pages to find more detailed information about our tractor, harvester and tractor implement.

      As an experienced agricultural machinery manufacturer in China, we at YTO give users some suggestions:
      Please carefully read the user manual.
      Operate the machine in accordance with its function, carrying capacity and speed.
      Regularly maintain the machine.
      Do stop using the machine immediately if there is any problem.

      If you are looking for road roller, wheel loader, bulldozer, forklift, etc., we also can help you with your construction equipment needs. Call us to learn more!

    1. Wheel Dozer

      1. It adopts Weichai turbocharged diesel engine, which provides high reliability, powerful power, large margin of power and low fuel consumption. The use of new combined-type pre-filter reduces the occurrence of early wear phenomenon of diesel engine.

      2. The transmission part adopts 180 electronically controlled gearbox, with limited slip differential drive axle. Make the whole machine to run up speed and flexible and convenient operation, the whole situation is more stable and reliable.

      3. The main hydraulic components are imported hydraulic components, hydraulic system quality is stable and reliable. The hydraulic pipeline adopts "Cone-Ο" double seal, with good leakproofness and strong capacity of anti-leakage;

      4. Equipped with maintenance-free battery sealed, waterproof connectors and combination switch, the electrical system of the complete vehicle can provide high safety, easy operation and reliable performance.

      5. The cab with wide field of vision is designed according to ergonomics principles. Luxury interior trim, good seal and noise reduction, installation of high-grade damping seat, air condition and heater, as well as stereo make the operating environment safe and comfortable.

      6. The vehicle, with high speed, large traction and high working efficiency, can hitch a 20t-30t flatbed truck to transport large machineries.

      7. Snow removing device and garbage push shovel are optional, to meet different working conditions.

    1. Tractor with LoaderLoader Model:TZ02D
      Max. Lift Height at the Connection Pivot Point (A): 2350mm
      Dump Height (C): 1730mm
      Rated Lifting Capacity: 200kg
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