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1. YTO trailer is designed for carrying large-sized and non-detachable goods, including machinery equipment, large tanks, ultra-high containers, and steel products, etc. 2. It features low dead-weight, rational structure, strong material carrying capability, aesthetical appearance, simple maintenance and high price performance ratio ......

Garbage Truck

Designed with fully enclosed, stainless steel waste-container, this garbage truck can finish garbage collection without any secondary pollution. It features simple and safe operation due to the combinational function of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical elements ......

Water Truck

Due to the electrical and pneumatic element combinational control, our water truck is simple and safe for operation. It can produce high operational pressure, thus cleaning roads completely and thoroughly. ......

Sealed Garbage Truck

This garbage truck is an ideal vehicle for transferring wastes from a garbage transfer station. The fully sealed garbage containing container can effectively prevent wastes leaking and secondary pollution. The lifting mechanism is designed based on advanced technique, which ensures a stable and reliable truck operation ......

Compression Garbage Truck

This garbage truck is designed with fully sealed structure and a device to prevent sewage leaking, thus avoiding secondary pollution. Due to the combination control of hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic elements, our garbage compactor features high automation and simple and safe operation ......

We are a professional mining dump truck, pickup truck and special vehicle manufacturer in China. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system standards.

Our mining dump truck is especially manufactured for mining industry uses and is designed with hydraulic or mechanical lifting system to unload materials. This heavy vehicle is usually composed of a chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, and an open-box bed, etc.
Mining dump trucks are usually used in combination with crawler excavators, wheel loaders and belt conveyors, etc. to finish a task, thus finishing material loading, transferring, unloading, etc. at one stop. A dump truck is also known as a tipper, tipper lorry or tip truck.

A pickup truck is also designed with sedans head and driving cab and an open-top rear cargo area. It provides drivers great driving comfortableness comparable with that of a sedan, and in the meanwhile, it produces the same strong power with a truck. In addition, this goods carrying vehicle features better material-carrying capability than automobiles and is highly applicable for bad road conditions. The double cabin pick up truck is the most commonly seen pickups in the market.

We at YTO Group Corporation can also offer crawler tractor and road roller, and many other types of agricultural machinery and construction machinery. If you want to know more information about our vehicles and equipment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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    1. Pneumatic Tire RollerThese pneumatic tire rollers are ideal for the compaction of stabilized soil, sandy soil, crushed stone, bituminous concrete, cement concrete and other cohesive and non-cohesive materials on road surface construction. The smooth tread tire road rollers are quite suitable for the final compaction of asphalt surface course on highway ...
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    1. Static RollerOur static three wheel roller is a kind of heavy duty static roller that can be used to compact gravel, sand-macadam mixture, crushed stone, sandy soil, stabilized soil, and bituminous concrete, etc. The compaction equipment is extensively applied in the construction of road base course and surface course construction of highway, municipal road, parking area, and industrial ground, and more ...
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