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Road Roller

YTO road roller makes use of the rolling compaction force of roller to compact the sandy soil, semi-cohesive soil...

Wheel Loader

Our loaders are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 standard. They are equipped with high quality engi...

Motor Grader

Our versatile motor grader is applicable to the large-scale land leveling in the foundation construction of railway...

Crawler Excavator

Crawler excavator is equipped with a bucket in the front. It can excavate soil, coal, silt or other materials belo...


Bulldozer is the tractor which is designed with a dozer blade in the front. It uses the dozer blade to push and sh...

Forklift Truck

As a professional forklift truck manufacturer in China, we can provide a wide range of stacker trucks, such as hyd...

Garbage Compactor

YTO garbage compactor can push, spread, pulverize, demolish and compact refuse. It will help save the land, prot...

Road Paver

YTO road roller makes use of the rolling compaction force of roller to compact the sandy soil, semi-cohesive soil...

Road Recycler

Our LRR525 road recycler is specially designed for the rebuilding of urban and rural road. This energy saving a...

Concrete Mixing Plant

Our concrete mixing plant uses modularized design. It is easy to install and transfer. It is fitted wit...

Asphalt Mixing Plant

The burner of our asphalt mixing plant is highly efficient and energy saving. It can save 5.3kg fuel when one ton ...

Drilling Rig

Our rotary drilling rig is characterized by high drilling torque, great axial compressive force, high working effic...

Wheel Dozer

1. It adopts Weichai turbocharged diesel engine, which provides high reliability, powerful power, large margin of...

Mobile Power Station

YTO is an experienced mobile power station manufacturer in China. Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:20...

YTO construction machinery can be used in national defense construction engineering, road construction and maintenance, and constructional engineering, etc.
As a professional construction machinery manufacturer in China, we can provide road roller, wheel loader, crawler excavator, paver, motor grader, concrete mixing plant, and more.

Details about Some of our Construction Machinery
1. Road roller
Our road roller is widely used to compact sandy soil, semi-cohesive soil, cohesive soil, stabilized soil and bituminous concrete road surface course, etc. It is extensively applied for the compacting operations in the construction of high-class highways, airports, harbors, railways, dams, stadiums, and large scale industrial grounds, and more.
2. Wheel loader
Wheel loader is a kind of construction machinery that can load soil, sand, rock, lime, coal and other bulk materials onto another vehicle. Sometimes, it is also used to dig minerals and hard soils. The bucket loader is applicable to road construction, mining, and building, etc.
3. Bulldozer
Bulldozer is a tractor with dozer blade in the front. It uses the dozer blade to push and shovel soil and sand. This construction equipment is suitable for bulldozing and flattening construction site.
4. Crawler excavator
Crawler excavator is equipped with a bucket in the front. This excavating machinery is used to excavate soil, coal, silt or other materials below or above the ground, and then load them onto transport vehicle or discharge them on stockyard.

In addition to construction machinery, we also offer wheeled tractor, combine harvester, garbage truck, and dump truck, etc. We have obtained ISO9001:2008 certification, so you can feel at ease in purchasing and using our products.
Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of any of them.

Other Products
    1. 100-130HP Wheeled TractorThe low fuel consumption contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.
      Reliable and durable, the transmission system for eco-friendly wheeled tractor is manufactured using advanced Italian technology, characterized by forced cooling, forced lubrication, and heavy load transmission.
    1. 160-220HP Wheeled TractorSpecially, this range of product is designed with double rear wheel for vigorous drive. Moreover, the stepless adjustable wheel track makes it available for the farm crops indifferent row spacing.
      The fully enclosed cab has wide vision. Equipped with heater, air conditioner, and audio and air dust filtering ...
    1. Light Tandem Vibratory RollersLight tandem vibratory rollers can be used to mend and maintain various roads, expressway shoulder, side walk, parking area, sports ground and garden lawn, etc ...
    1. Static RollerOur static three wheel roller is a kind of heavy duty static roller that can be used to compact gravel, sand-macadam mixture, crushed stone, sandy soil, stabilized soil, and bituminous concrete, etc. The compaction equipment is extensively applied in the construction of road base course and surface course construction of highway, municipal road, parking area, and industrial ground, and more ...
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