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C180HP Crawler Tractor

Manufactured with mature technology, the wet steering clutch for 180HP crawler tractor requires maintenance during operation. The torsion bar shock absorber travelling system has strong bearing capacity and good shock absorption effect.The electrically-controlled hydraulic suspension system has the functions of strength control, position control and combined control of strength and position, which is convenient to use…...

C602 Crawler Tractor

The diesel engine of the 60HP crawler tractor is produced based on the British technology. The crawler tractor features large torque, powerful overload capacity, low fuel consumption, and environment protection. Additionally, the friction plate of the dry multi-disc steering clutch is made of new material with good durability. The floating band brake has excellent brake performance… ...

C602S-C702S Crawler Tractor

The three-stage CVT transmission can be used for the reasonable gear assignment of the operations in different soil conditions, good dynamic economics and convenient and reliable control. With the elevated driving wheel, triangular configured running mechanism and high ground clearance, it is more suitable for paddy-field operation. The rubber crawler travelling system is suitable for all-terrain driving…...

C80-90HP Crawler Tractor

Heater, air condition, and audio system are optional. Besides the broad vision, users can also enjoy the nice appearance and the comfortable operation.The crawler tractor with cab adopts (4F+2R) sliding sleeve gear transmission. The reasonable gear range makes it suitable for farmland and bulldozing.........

C100-130 HP Crawler Tractor

With humanized design for the operating mechanism, this range of product is manufactured with self-lubricated shaft sleeve to reduce the operating force and operating friction. The maintenance of the bulldozer is quite easy and convenient.For outstanding trafficability and steering performance, our product can be installed with rubber track, as well…...

C140HP Crawler Tractor

This agricultural vehicle has wide range of operating speed, which can fully meet the requirement for different applications.The self-lubricating bearing specially offered for the operating mechanism can effectively reduce the operating force. More importantly, less maintenance is required for normal operation…...

YTO crawler tractor is a vehicle that runs on continuous tracks. Compared with wheeled tractor, it is in contact with a large surface area, and consequently, exerts a much lower force per unit area on the ground. This enables crawler tractor to be used on soft, low friction and uneven ground.

YTO, a Chinese crawler tractor manufacturer, has accumulated decades of experience in the production of tractors. Hence, we know how to build a reliable tractor. In order to meet your various needs, we offer 40-60HP crawler tractor, 70-90HP crawler tractor and 100-130HP crawler tractor for you to choose from. All our products are ergonomically designed for ease of operation. In addition, the newly-designed closed cab can be equipped with an air conditioning system so as to provide the driver with a high level of comfort. Wide track and rubber track are also available to suit different requirements. As a result, our crawler tractors are extensively used in gardens, farmlands, earth works, and more.

In addition to crawler tractors, we also manufacture wheeled tractor, tractor implement, motor grader, and so on. Our products are reliable, durable, efficient and eco friendly, and thus they have received the E-mark, CE and EPA certificates. Today, YTO tractors and other products are in great demand in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Serbia, Japan, to name a few.
Give us an opportunity to show you how we can help with any of your farming equipment or construction machine needs. We welcome you to YTO!

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